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Bamboo Switch

Shaving Brush

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Experience a cleaner and smoother shave with our Shaving Brush. The soft goat hair bristles ensure a gentle touch, exfoliating and preparing your skin and hair for a precise and irritation-free shave. This Bamboo-handled brush is the perfect addition to your grooming kit, offering easy storage with its flat base and minimal cleanup.

Bristle Benefits:
The super-soft goat hair bristles are ideal for sensitive skin, providing a gentle lather without causing irritation. The perfect balance of stiffness allows for a rich lather, ensuring a quick and efficient shaving experience.

What’s Included:
One Bamboo Shaving Brush

100% Bamboo Handle. Goat Hair Bristles.

Clean the bristles with warm water after every use and allow them to air dry, ensuring longevity and maintaining the brush's optimal performance. Upgrade your shaving routine with this thoughtfully designed Bamboo Shaving Brush for a luxurious and irritation-free experience.

Made in Vietnam

Why We Love It

Soft bristles but also stiff enough to lather up the soap!

How to Use

1. Wet the brush with warm water.
2. Add shave cream or soap.
3. Work into a lather and apply to the skin before shaving.
4. Rinse the brush after each use.

Shaving Brush