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Bamboo Switch

Bamboo Veggie Cleaning Brush

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Say goodbye to the frustration of stubbornly stuck food in your lasagna or brownie pan with our specially designed Round Cleaning Brush!

Crafted with the perfect shape, this brush effortlessly tackles lingering food particles, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience. Rest easy knowing it's safe for non-stick surfaces and doubles as an effective veggie cleaning brush.

Key Features:
- Dimensions: 4.5" in width, 4" in height
- Versatility: Ideal for both pan cleaning and vegetable scrubbing
- Longevity: Expect approximately 3 months of use, depending on frequency. 

Have fun with your kitchen cleaning routine with this purpose-built

Round Cleaning Brush, designed to make your cooking and cleaning experiences more enjoyable.

Made in Vietnam

Why We Love It

The handle allows you to grip and the round brush helps to get in all of the corners of the pots and pans!

How to Use

Use to scrub pots and pans and let dry in between use for best experience.
For easy maintenance, simply boil the bristles for 1-2 minutes as needed.

Bamboo Veggie Cleaning Brush