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Mishka Hands

Beeswax Refresher Block

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Already have beeswax wraps? Extend the life of your well-loved wrap with this re-waxing block! 

Made from Mishka Hand's wax blend, this block has enough wax to completely refresh 2 large or 3 medium or 3-4 small wraps.

How to Refresh Your Wrap;

You will need:

  • An old towel
  • Kitchen grater
  • Iron (steam off, medium/high setting)
  • Two pieces of parchment paper (3 inches larger per side than the wrap, keep to reuse)
  • One Miska Refresher Block

Iron Method:

  • Grate as much of the refresher block needed for the repair (tip: chill block in the fridge overnight before grating)
  • Protect your work surface or ironing board with an old towel
  • Place your first sheet of baking paper on the protected surface
  • Lay the fabric on top
  • Spread the grated wax evenly over the area needing repair or the whole wrap if refreshing a well-used wrap. 
  • Place the second sheet of baking paper on the fabric
  • Gently press the hot iron on the parchment layers, keep iron moving
  • Use the iron to spread the melted wax over the repair area or full wrap
  • Once the wrap looks all wet and covered, gently lift the top sheet (place to the side wet side up)
  • Pick up the wrap by the two corners and wait for 30 seconds until dry
  • Your wrap is good to go now
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Beeswax Refresher Block