Beechwood Toothbrush Medium or Firm

  • $5.40

Been searching for an alternative to your plastic toothbrush? Look no further! Most wood/bamboo toothbrushes we tried didn't feel like we were brushing. And then we found these from Georganics! Firm for those of you who like a little extra oomph in your brushing!

Beech toothbrush: eco-friendly & compostable handle with BPA-free bristles.

Unit dimension(millimeter): 195 H x 30 W x 15 D Instead of plastic, the biodegradable handle on our manual toothbrush is made from a sustainable forest source in Switzerland. None of the bristles contain BPA either.

As with all toothbrushes, it is sensible to replace every three months and it should be stored upright to allow it to dry between brushes.

Disposing: Compost or reuse the beechwood handle. Snap the head and recycle through z.T.L. Scheme.

Packaging Kraft-board box, vegetable ink, recyclable, compostable. Supply - 3 months / used twice a day. Material: Beechwood Handle, Nylon Firm Bristles. Compostable, Z.T.L. Recyclable.