Last Tissue

  • $24.00

It’s like if a handkerchief and a tissue pack had a baby.

We're bringing you the best of both worlds: the easy, on-the-go availability of the tissue pack and the zero waste, soft-on-the-nose handkerchief. We want to bring the handkerchief back into mainstream culture.

About LastTissue

LastTissue has the convenience of being travel-sized so it can be used on-the-go and all while having the benefits of being a reusable and sustainable alternative.

One LastTissue box contains 6 reusable tissues made from 100% organic cotton that fit into a sleek minimal case made with 100% silicone. The case is dishwasher safe so you can easily keep it clean and disinfect whenever needed. You can wash the tissues 520 times each which should last you many years!

Simply take a tissue from the bottom, use it, and then store it on top of the silicone barrier. This way, you’ll push the clean tissues down, making them ready to use and dividing them from the used. You’ll know you’re on your last tissue when the marked one appears - that means it’s cleaning time. After washing, you repack and use them all over again.

Why choose reusable tissues?

Every year, the United States alone cuts down 22,000 trees and uses 26 million gallons of water, just for tissue paper!

By blowing your nose with LastTissue instead of a single-use version you save upwards of 2 liters of water every single time.

Production of LastTissue takes 3 times less energy which saves several tons of resources globally. The most important part, the LastTissue is baby soft (very essential during sneeze attacks!) so no more rashes on your nose due to coarse tissues or hand towels.

Messes happen. We are human after all. The trick is cleaning up our messes without creating even bigger ones elsewhere, and LastTissue can do just that.

Grab a pack today and save some trees!

A Green Alternative to the Travel Tissue Pack

These days, we are all on the go. And because of this, the things we carry with us should be portable and travel-friendly. Travel tissue packs are a great way to clean up a variety of messes in a portable way. But traditionally, travel tissues are single-use, as is the packaging they come in!

It sure would be great if there was an environmentally friendly alternative to travel-size tissues...oh wait there is, and you’ve already found it!

LastTissue allows for the portability of traditional travel tissues, without the waste! Clean up those messes or wipe that nose, stow the used tissue in its separate compartment, and feel better knowing you’re helping the planet become a greener and healthier place.