Single Wool Dryer Balls

  • $4.99
Mix and Match

Moss Creek Wool Dryer Balls are Hand Made in Ontario Canada using 100% Pure Merino and Corriedale Wool. Single wool dryer balls let you choose which colors you would like or mix and match!

We recommend at least three dryer balls for a normal load of laundry. Each dryer ball will last for over 1,000 loads of laundry. 

  • Softens clothes naturally while reducing static and wrinkles
  • Reduces drying time and saves electricity
  • Replaces dryer sheets and fabric softeners
  • Safe for sensitive skin and babies
  • Add your own essential oils

Available in 3 colors - White, Grey, or Brown. Using the sheep's natural color – the wool is never dyed.

Price is per dryer ball.

Size: Avg. 2.8” 

Production: Handmade in Canada with USA or European Wool depending on the color Sourcing: We work with Wool Co-ops where the sheep are raised ethically and the wool is milled locally to minimize the carbon footprint.