Bamboo Cotton Swabs

  • $6.00

Ditch the plastic swabs and packaging by switching to bamboo cotton swabs!

Each bamboo swab is made with organic cotton with a sustainable bamboo stick and packaged in a recycled paper box. 

The more durable bamboo stick makes our cotton swabs truly a multipurpose product. Clean the outer ear canal, use it for cosmetic purposes, clean electronics, use it for nail polish, and even craft projects.

Plastic cotton swabs can end up in our waterways and oceans, by swapping to bamboo cotton swabs, you are not only preventing plastic swab waste but also soft plastic packaging waste since ours come in a recyclable box.

Bamboo grows fast naturally and requires less water to produce, so even though, this is likely a single-use product, you won't feel guilty about it. Compostable. 

200 pcs per box