Bulk Refill Pickup Only

Bulk Refill products are available in-store only. These are available for curbside pickup!


Each product is sold by the ounce, please choose your quantity in ounces when ordering. If choosing curbside pickup, it will be placed in a community container or paper bag for dry goods.


Please contact us with any questions at hello@refillmerc.com or 707-859-9270.

  1. Bulk Hydrating Day and Night Cream
  1. Bulk Jojoba Oil
  1. Bulk Lotion - Rustic Strength
  1. Bulk Massage Oil
  1. Bulk Mouthwash Tablets - Huppy
  1. Bulk Rosewater
  1. Bulk Rosy Tea Cleanser
  1. Bulk Supreme Defense Facial oil
  1. Bulk Vitamin C Serum