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16 oz Glass Bottle Dispenser with Pump

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Color – Black Pump

The Jarmazing soap dispenser seamlessly marries vintage charm with modern functionality, adding an aesthetic touch to your home decor. Elevate the style of your bathroom or kitchen while enjoying cost savings through the purchase of bulk liquid soap.

Crafted with precision, this dispenser showcases a lead-free Boston round glass bottle, proudly manufactured in the USA. The transparent glass not only exudes elegance but also ensures a sparkle in any room. The dispenser pump is built to last, featuring a robust design with a real metal exterior for durability. Further enhanced with a clear coating to shield against corrosion, this dispenser combines style and resilience for a sophisticated addition to your home.

The plastic components on this pump are BPA free.

Six designer waterproof stickers included - Soap, Lotion, Dish Soap

Made in the United States of America

Why We Love It

This dispenser is functional and stylish and doesn't rust and keeps pumping when we need it to! The stickers it comes with are great to customize.

How to Use

Note, the pump works really well and may shoot the product out if pumped too hard!

16 oz  Glass Bottle Dispenser with Pump
16 oz  Glass Bottle Dispenser with Pump