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Water and Stone

Crystal Intention Fresheners

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Experience the enchantment of Crystal Intention Fresheners, locally handcrafted car and room diffusers with adjustable lengths for your convenience. Infused with intentional crystals, each option, from Tiger's Eye for safe travels to Black Obsidian for dispelling negative energies, brings a unique vibrancy to your space.

Let your favorite fragrance permeate your car or room through the wooden cap, creating a delightful sensory experience. Choose between just the charm, the refill, or indulge in a set of both to suit your preferences.

Rest assured, our fresheners feature pet and earth-safe fragrances devoid of carcinogens and toxins. Please note that colors may vary, reflecting the diverse hues of essential oils, ranging from clear to orange/yellow or even green.

Enjoy the enduring fragrance, lasting from one month to 90 days, depending on the frequency of tilting the wooden lid. Exercise caution to prevent saturation, avoiding any potential leakage or spillage. Elevate your surroundings with the harmonious blend of crystal energy and delightful scents with Crystal Intention Fresheners.

1. Do not turn the bottle upside down for longer than a few seconds. Doing so will result in the cap being wet to the touch or possible leakage.

2. Avoid tilting or spilling once the plastic stopper has been removed. The oil can stain.

3. Wash your hands if the oil makes contact with your skin.

Why We Love It

Locally made by a small woman-owned company, these cute car/room fresheners are the perfect addition to freshen up your space!

How to Use

remove the wooden lid. Then carefully remove the plastic insert. (This will pop out so watch not to spill). Screw the wooden lid back on. Tilt the bottle upside down for a few seconds which will allow the oil to travel into the wooden lid and then bring the bottle right side up. You are now ready to hang your crystal intention jar in your car or anywhere you please to enjoy your favorite scent!

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