Reusable Cotton Bag

  • $10.00

Produce bag, gift bag, lunch bag, whatever you want to put in it bag!

These beautiful GOTS certified organic cotton drawstring bags are great for taking to the grocery store or farmer's market to use as a produce bag. They can also double as a unique reusable gift bag or throw your lunch in them to take with you! 

Each natural colored bag is lovingly handmade and hand-printed in Canada by a small team at Your Green Kitchen using GOTS certified organic cotton and water based inks. 

Machine wash and dry. Recommend line dry to reduce fading.

Small - 9 x 7


Medium - 9 x 11 

(Yellow Bee and Live Simply)

Large - 11 x 12

(Black Bee, Mushroom, Camper Van, For You, Full Bloom, Choose to Reuse, Live Gently)