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Bamboo Switch

Yogurt Jar Bamboo Lid

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Introducing our Reusable Bamboo Jar Lids, featuring a food-safe seal that makes them perfect for aiding in food storage in both the fridge and freezer. Additionally, these lids provide an eco-friendly solution for upcycling your beloved glass jars.

What’s Included:
One reusable Bamboo Lid.

Crafted from 100% Bamboo with a Food Safe Silicone seal.

Oui Jar Lid:
- Outer Width: 2.6”
- Inner Width: 2”
- Weight: 1.1oz

Environmental Fact:
With these reusable and food-safe lids, you can bid farewell to concerns about rusting from traditional tin lids compromising your favorite sauces or foods over time. Made with bamboo, they ensure decades of reuse when properly cared for, offering a sustainable alternative for your favorite glass jars. Make a lasting choice for both your kitchen and the environment with our Reusable Bamboo Jar Lids.

Made in Vietnam

Why We Love It

Now we get to use our glass yogurt jars for more than just holding pens!

How to Use

Maintain the lids' quality by washing with warm water and mild dish detergent. Pat them dry with a natural cloth.

Yogurt Jar Bamboo Lid