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Three Bluebirds Swedish Dishcloths

Sunflowers Swedish Dishcloth

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REDUCE WASTE with our Swedish Dishcloth – it’s sustainable, sturdy, and stylish. Each cloth absorbs 20x its weight, replaces 17 rolls of paper towels. 

Designed & printed in Connecticut USE: Wash dishes. Wipe up spills. Clean mirrors. Use streak-free on most surfaces. Air dries fast, doesn’t breed bacteria like a sponge. 

REUSE: Wash up to 200 times, in the top rack of the dishwasher or in the washing machine. Sterilize in the microwave or boil briefly. 

CONTENTS: 70% cellulose (FSC-Certified). 30% organic cotton (FairTrade & GOTS). Screen printed with water-based inks. 100% biodegradable.

Dimensions 6.5" x 8"

Why We Love It

It's like a sponge and a paper towel had a baby! We love to use it for anything we would use a sponge a paper towel on and it is HOME COMPOSTABLE at the end of its life!

How to Use

Toss it in the top rack of your dishwasher or throw it in the washing machine for a quick refresh. For added hygiene, sterilize it in the microwave or give it a brief boil. Choose sustainability without compromising style and functionality with our Swedish Dishcloth – a durable and responsible solution for your everyday cleaning needs.

Sunflowers Swedish Dishcloth black
Sunflowers Swedish Dishcloth Green and Yellow
Sunflowers Swedish Dishcloth Green
Sunflowers Swedish Dishcloth Blue
Sunflowers Swedish Dishcloth Red
Sunflowers Swedish Dishcloth