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Buddha Bunz

Vegan Dryer Ball

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Buddha Bunz bamboo dryer balls are made from 100% bamboo fiber from sources in North America only!

Each ball is lovingly made by hand in San Antonio, Texas using minimal processing and no chemicals for the last 14 years. 

What's a dryer ball? 

Dryer balls are tossed in the dryer and bounce around with your laundry and speed up dry time while keeping your laundry super soft all with no dryer sheets, no fabric softener and no chemicals! 

How many do I need? 

The more you use at one time the more they will help speed up dry time. Using 4 balls depending on the size of the load seems to be the magic number! 

How long will they last?

Buddha Bunz dryer balls will last you years and years and years! Buddha Bunz can't say exactly how many loads because they have customers that have been using their dryer balls for over 10 years now.. now that's a LOT of laundry! Every once in a while one ball will give out and need to be replaced, but as long as you keep them away from velcro and a puppy you'll be good to go for a long time!

Can they be scented? 

Yes, they sure can! You can inject a ball with your favorite essential or fragrance oil or you can drop the scent on the outside of the ball. The best way to make the scent last as long as possible is to inject it inside the ball and put it in a sealed baggie or box for at least 24 hours to soak in.  

Why We Love It

Does everything a regular dryer ball does but without the wool!

How to Use

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