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Huppy Samples

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Not sure you're ready to switch to toothpaste tablets or mouthwash tablets? Try them out first!

These samples contain 4 tablets in each pack giving you a few tries to see what you prefer before committing to an entire container. 

Bonus, the packaging is compostable!

**If ordering online, please let us know which flavor in the comments!**

Toothpaste tablets - Peppermint or Charcoal Mint or Watermelon Strawberry

Mouthwash tablets - Coolmint

Maximum order quantity of each flavor is 3. Thank you for understanding.

Why We Love It

Samples are a great way to try out a new product!

How to Use

Pop a tooth tablet in your mouth, chew and take a wet toothbrush and start brushing. For mouthwash tablets, chew, take a sip of water, swish for 30 seconds and spit.

Huppy Samples