Bloom Skin Serum Bar

  • $52.00

Tiffany with Dewmighty developed the first of its kind, an omega-rich concentrated serum made into a jelly solid.

This beautiful bar delivers skin nourishing and calming flora compounds that not only deeply hydrate but also smooths texture, reduces redness, brightens tone, and strengthens barrier.

Amino acids and squalane along with essential moisturizing factors (NMFs) create a skin mimicking effect that rebalance and repel dryness.

Every swipe quickly delivers a lightweight dewy glow for optimal healthy skin.

Starter Kit contains a permanent metal container and a BLOOM (Nourish + Calm) Jelly Serum Bar approx two Month Supply = 120 Facial Uses 2x Daily

Refill Serum Bar comes in a recyclable box approx two Month Supply = 120 Facial Uses 2x Daily

Sample Serum Bar comes in a recyclable box and is approx 15 Day Supply = 30 Facial Uses 2x Daily

MAIN USES: Daily hydrating moisturizer to improve overall skin health (quick absorbing, non-oily), after sun redness eraser and healer. Soothes sensitivities, eczema, and momma safe.

• Applied Day or Night

• For All Skin Types

• Patent Pending

Made In California, woman-owned business