Bulk Dry Shampoo

  • $3.33

-In-Store Refill Only-   $3.33 / ounce

  **If ordering for local pickup/delivery, please let us know which scent you would like**

Organic, vegan, non-toxic, all-natural Dry Shampoo! Swell Roots is a go-to for guys and gals on the go!

Inspired by a 2x breast cancer survivor, this clean beauty product is an excellent choice. Avoid carcinogens and polluting aerosols by using Swell Roots.

1) Light: For blonde or grey hair
2) Dark: For brown to black

Just pour some in the lid, swirl your brush, and apply to the greasy parts of your hair. Look Swell!

Ingredients: Arrowroot Powder, Tapioca Flour, Cocoa Powder, Kaolin Clay, Burdock Root, Essential Oils

Made in Oakland, CA it comes in one signature scent made from essential oils. All ingredients are organic and sourced in the U.S.A. The product comes in a glass bottle and in biodegradable packaging. The brush is vegan with nylon bristles and a bamboo handle.

We offer an eco-friendly refill option once you run out!