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GDS Cloth Goods

Ebb Filter Compatible with No.4 Brewers

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Get multiple cups of delicious coffee in one pour-over brew.

Ebb reusable filters are always made of certified organic cotton & create consistent cups of coffee.

The No.4 Ebb Filter is a best seller. - Fits a variety of drippers and coffee makers that take standard no.4 filters. Grinding coffee too finely clogs cloth filters. Aim for a coffee grind coarseness similar to kosher salt. 

Easy to wash and care for–just rinse and air dry! Comes with a fun starter guide that can be reused as a bookmark.

Filter is good for at least 100 uses.

Learn more with Ebb Guides!

Fiber is grown in Texas by an organic cotton cooperative.

Woven in South Carolina.  Sewn in California. Recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging.

Why We Love It

We love that these are reusable and what GDS Cloth Goods stand for! Instead of reducing “waste,” they think of it in terms of reducing impact–extraction of resources, pollution of waterways, and exploitation of workers.

How to Use

To Clean: At the end of each use, pull the filter from the dripper once it’s cool enough to touch. Shake grounds into compost or trash and rinse well. Do not use soap. The rule is, if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t clean your filter with it.
The best way to store Ebb is to let it air dry.

Ebb Filter Compatible with No.4 Brewers
Ebb Filter Compatible with No.4 Brewers