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Leaf Razor Accessories

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Everything you need to ditch the disposable razors!

Replacement Blades:

  • 50-Pack of single edge blades blades ready to load write out of the paper wrapper.
  • ✓ Zero Plastic ✓ Long-life, swap when dull ✓ Store for recycling as end of life

Blade Recycling Tin:

  • Safely store used blades in this simple, elegant recycling tin. This tin will hold years worth of blades before following those blades along their recycling journey - both the blades and tin can be recycled once full.
  • ✓ Holds blades & blade guards ✓ Slit in the top for easy blade use ✓ Top pops off for bulk material
  • Want more details on how safety razor blade recycling works? Check out the Leaf Blade Recycling Page:

Grip Sleeve:

  • This silicone sleeve fits The Leaf razor, providing additional grip. It is custom molded out of silicone to fit the handle perfectly. You can slide it on, and remove it whenever you like.
  • Need installation instructions? Check-out the Leaf how-to page:

Shower Holder: 

  • This is for all shower-shavers, or those who want a convenient vertical mount for their Leaf Shave razor.
  • How to Install: Simply peel and stick, the powerful adhesive will ensure your precious razor is kept safe, without having to worry about it falling in the dead of night. Each unit ships comes a backup adhesive pad which can be applied if the unit needs to be moved in the future.


Why We Love It

Replacement blades that can be recycled is a big deal! No more tossing them in the landfill to last for years there!

How to Use

Check out the Leaf Razor website for detailed instructional videos on how to get started!

Leaf Razor Accessories
Leaf Razor Accessories
Leaf Razor Accessories
Leaf Razor Accessories