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Plant Paper

Plant Paper Toilet Paper

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Plant Paper Toilet Paper: Soft, Durable, and Tree-Free!

Discover Your New Favorite Toilet Paper: Plant Paper!

Experience the ultimate in comfort and sustainability with Plant Paper, a premium toilet paper that is both soft and durable. Made entirely tree-free, Plant Paper is the eco-friendly choice for conscientious consumers.

Why Choose Plant Paper?

Protect Your Health and the Planet!

- Chemical-Free: Plant Paper is 100% free of bleach and formaldehyde, protecting your skin and health from harmful chemicals commonly found in conventional toilet papers.
- Sustainable Sourcing: Made from FSC-certified bamboo, Plant Paper helps preserve old-growth trees and forests, which are vital in combating climate change.

Affordable and Eco-Friendly

Small Change, Big Impact

Switching to Plant Paper costs approximately $15 more annually compared to traditional tree-based brands, with each roll costing only about 20 cents more. Considering the average person uses around 70 rolls per year, this small investment significantly reduces your environmental footprint.

Unique and Practical Packaging

Beautiful and Efficient Design

- Chipboard 8-Pack: This low-impact box holds 8 naked rolls, featuring an origami-like construction for a special unboxing experience. It stacks efficiently on shelves and includes a handle for easy transport.
- Individually Wrapped Rolls: Perfect for those wanting to try Plant Paper or for on-the-go convenience. The Kraft wrapper is discreet and fits seamlessly into any interior decor.

Premium Quality

Comfort Meets Sustainability

- 3-Ply Softness: Enjoy premium 3-ply toilet paper made from FSC-certified bamboo, ensuring no compromise between comfort and sustainability.
- Eco-Friendly Manufacturing:  Produced in China, where bamboo pulp is abundantly available and the processing infrastructure is well-established.

The Benefits of Plant Paper

Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF)

Unlike most toilet papers that use chlorinated bleach, which produces harmful dioxins, Plant Paper is completely chlorine-free, ensuring no toxic pollutants are released into waterways or absorbed into your body.


Many conventional toilet papers contain formaldehyde, a known skin irritant and carcinogen. Plant Paper is entirely free of this harmful chemical, providing a safer option for your family.

Environmental Impact

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Life cycle analyses show that tree-free toilet paper like Plant Paper results in significantly lower carbon emissions compared to conventional tree-based toilet papers, even considering the carbon costs of ocean freight. Protect the Boreal Forests and reduce global carbon emissions by choosing Plant Paper.

Join the Movement

Make the switch to Plant Paper and enjoy a premium, eco-friendly toilet paper that prioritizes your health and the planet. Embrace sustainability without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Optimize your health and environmental impact with Plant Paper – your new favorite toilet paper, offering unparalleled softness, strength, and sustainability.

Why We Love It

It's soft, it doesn't break apart, it gets everything clean without having to cut down trees!

How to Use

Use less! Seriously, we love that one roll lasts as long as the super-size rolls!

Plant Paper Toilet Paper
Plant Paper Toilet Paper