Safety Razor - Butterfly XL

  • $39.99

Do you cringe every time you toss your disposable razor in the trash? Or even when you toss your replacement head in the trash? The Albatross Butterfly XL safety razor is for you! 

The Butterfly offers the easiest solution for replacing your blade with a quick bottom twist to secure it.  At 4.5” in length, the Butterfly XL gives you more grip for your shave.


  • For all genders & shaving needs
  • Delivers a close, razor burn-free shave  
  • Built to last with a high-polished finish (no more rust!) 
  • Comes with 10 reusables blades & a hemp storage bag 
  • Fits all standard double-edge safety razor blades 
  • Zero plastic waste 

How to use:

How to load a blade in a butterfly style razor: 

  1. Twist the bottom of the shaver handle to open the wings of the blade holder.
  2. Simply place a blade (be careful - it's sharp!) on the platform and twist the bottom in the opposite direction to tighten the blade holder wings over the blade. 
  3. You're ready to shave!

How to shave: 

  1. Wet hair with warm water.  
  2. Lather shaving cream onto the skin (A brush will help create a better lather and to lift the hair).  
  3. Hold the blade at a 30-degree angle and let the weight of the handle do the work.  Do NOT pull the razor across your skin like you would with a plastic disposable razor.  
  4. Use short strokes, about 2 inches long, especially when you first switch to using a safety razor.  
  5. Finish with aftershave ointment or lotion.

Need more help? Watch this video to learn how to shave with a safety razor.

How to take care of your razor: 

  1. Rinse all the soap/ hair/ gunk from your razor after each use.
  2. Shake your razor to dry it. Using a towel to dry will make your blades duller. 
  3. Ensure your razor is stored in a dry spot to increase the life of your blades. 
  4. If you notice any corrosion, rub that spot vigorously with a terry cloth towel, or a small piece of emery cloth.
  5. Ensure your razor is clean and dry to make it last longer!

Blade Take Back Program 

Introducing the world’s first zero-waste razor solution! Each Albatross razor comes with 10 free blades and an envelope to collect your used blades in. The used blades can then be sent back.

Each return envelope can hold a maximum of 40 blades (4 blade packs). 

They use the Take-Back metal to make new (non-razor) products that have direct environmental benefits. We don’t just recycle. They upcycle! Learn more about our sustainable Take Back Ware

We appreciate your participation in the program and your commitment to helping rid our earth of plastic! 

Learn more about the Blade Take Back Program.