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Shave Soap Bar

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Cushion a plastic-free shave with a plastic-free shave soap bar from Leaf.

This bar soap generates a luxurious lather, provides a lasting cushiony-glide, and will leave skin feeling soft and moisturized.

✓ No colorants or scents added

✓ Vegan formula

✓ Add slick lubrication to enhance blade glide

✓ Apply in-hand or with brush and bowl for maximum lather

3 oz

Why We Love It!

Unscented and leaves your skin feeling soft after shaving! It really does provide a nice glide for the razor.

How to Use

Rub in hand to get the lather going or with a shave brush, then rub the bar on the area to be shaved and store the bar away from water.


hydrogenated soybean oil (soy wax), water, cocos nucifera (coconut oil), potassium hydroxide (lye), theobroma cacao (cocoa butter), ricinus communis (castor oil), sodium hydroxide (lye), glycerin (vegetable glycerin), kaolin (kaolin clay)

Shave Soap Bar