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Upcycled Soap Dish

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Color – Blue

Shred Skateboard Company saves all of their waste from making surfboards to create skateboards and these awesome soap dishes! They will last forever, drains water away from your soap to preserve it longer, and each one is unique!

Soap Dish upcycled from Shred Skateboard Company's surfboard production waste...EPS foam dust, stir sticks, tape, paper towels, mixing cups, nitrile gloves, & excess production resin. 

Small rubber "feet" are attached to prevent slipping.

Made in Torrance, CA.

Why We Love It

We love that these are made from skateboard waste and leftover surfboard resin!

How to Use

Set this out on your counter or in the shower and place solid soap on top. Since these are made from resin, they should last forever.

light blue soap dish
white soap dish