Yogurt Jar Bamboo Lid

  • $2.50

With the food-safe seal, these reusable bamboo jar lids are ideal for helping with food storage in the fridge or freezer as well as upcycling any of your favorite glass jars.

What’s included: One reusable Bamboo Lid.

Material: 100% Bamboo. Food Safe Silicone seal.

Care: Warm water and mild dish detergent and pat dry with natural cloth.

Dimensions: Oui Jar Lid: Outer Width: 2.6” Inner Width: 2” Weight: 1.1oz 

Environmental Fact: With these reusable and food-safe lids you don’t have to worry about ruining your favorite sauces or foods with rusting from the tin lids over time and becoming a danger to you and your favorite glass jars. Made with bamboo they offer decades of reuse when cared for properly.

Made in Vietnam