Climate Anxiety is a Real Thing

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all of the data on climate change and how much work there is still left to do? I know I do. We think we are doing what we can and we are very fortunate to live in our beautiful bubble here in Sonoma County with lots of fresh air, open space, and access to a community making a difference. But then, you read an article on the effects of environmental challenges are particularly devastating for poor people, who are often more vulnerable to the health impacts of pollution and climate change. 
We desperately need change to occur outside of our bubble too. 
  • Letting our elected officials know we want this is a great start.
  • Switching from a bank that funds fossil fuel industry can help outside of our bubble.
  • Choosing renewable energy options and replacing gas stoves with electric. If you can go bigger and install electric water heater and heating, choose that instead of natural gas.
  • Consider a hybrid or all electric when replacing a vehicle if you can.
  • Eat more plant forward meals and source meat locally from places that are working to better the land.
These are just a handful of ways you can make small differences in your home and life and make huge changes in people's lives that don't have the options we are so fortunate to have.
A snippet from The Carbon Almanac daily email I receive inspired this post: 
The longer we wait to take collective, systematic action the harder it will be. The longer we wait, the more widespread the effects will become. These challenges not only have significant health impacts on the poor and developing nations but also social and economic impacts. It is important that we work together to address these challenges and work towards a more sustainable and equitable future for everyone.
We are in this together after all. 
    There are so many amazing people with brilliant ideas helping us all to reduce our waste, choose more affordable renewable energy options, and offer safe places for us to step up and voice our demands. 

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