Low Waste Kitchen in 3 Steps

Ready to start your low waste journey? The kitchen is one of the easiest places to kickstart new habits! 

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Step 1 - Evaluate Your Waste

Take a look at what you consume and throw away or recycle the most. Are you constantly buying paper towels and napkins and tossing them in the compost? How many bottles of dish soap do you go through each month? Do you hate stinky sponges? Are your beautiful fruits and veggies going to waste? 

swedish dishcloths displayed with natural dishbrushes

Step 2 - Choose One Item to Swap

No need to change everything all at once. Choose one of the items that you feel like you can easily swap out and also get everyone in your household on board. Maybe it's refilling dish soap and reusing the plastic squeeze bottle you already have or trying solid dish soap. Or swap our your stinky sponge for a Swedish dishcloth that dries super fast, doesn't stink, can be washed with your laundry, and is home compostable at the end of its life. Save your veggies with cotton produce bags that keep them crisp longer.

refill bar with gallon glass containers a man pumping dish soap into an amber bottle

Step 3 - Repeat!

Take a moment to realize how easy it was to do one swap. Then think about the impact if everyone in your city or town did just one swap like you! Collectively we can all make a huge difference!

Now, repeat! If you tried refilling dish soap because you have a refillery near you, try one of the other items you are constantly replacing. It's great we have the option to compost our paper towels, napkins, and plates but how amazing would it be if we didn't need to and chose to use reusables instead?


In the long run, investing in reusables you will actually use will save you money and save the planet at the same time! 


Save these tips for later!

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