Making a Difference Together: Why We Donate 1% of Our Sales

When we started Refill Mercantile, we knew we wanted a way to give back to the community that supports our dreams of a small business making an impact. From the beginning, giving back has been integral to our lifestyle, and donating both time and money to nonprofits has been our way of supporting the community that supports us.


The Power of One Percent for the Planet

One Percent for the Planet is a great way for us to find non-profits to donate to and be certified allowing us to be fully transparent with our customers that we are genuinely committed to giving back. Being part of this larger network amplifies the impact of our contributions, as small donations from many businesses come together to create significant change.


Supporting Local Organizations with a Heartfelt Mission

Over the past three years, we have proudly donated to several local organizations that directly impact our community and environment. Our donations have supported Daily Acts, Sonoma Land Trust, Reuse Alliance, Petaluma Bounty, Farm to Fight Hunger, Save the Redwoods League, and Russian River Keeper. Each of these organizations holds a personal significance for us, reflecting our commitment to both people and the planet.


Focused Support for Greater Impact

While we would love to continue to donate to a larger variety of organizations, we feel it is also important to focus our attention on three organizations that we are most passionate about and align most with our business. We will continue to support Reuse Alliance, Petaluma Bounty, and Sonoma Land Trust and we encourage you to research and give your time or money to an organization that speaks to you!


Reuse Alliance: A Champion for Sustainability

The mission of Reuse Alliance is to “prevent resources from becoming waste by advocating for, collaborating with, and supporting reuse enterprises that recirculate materials into our communities”. This includes reusing your containers to refill! Reuse Alliance has been holding repair fairs to help people fix items so they don’t end up in the landfills along with clothing swaps and mending. This is only a small part of what they are working to achieve. Their vision includes creating a Reuse Hub to scale reuse efforts, provide job training, and support infrastructure. This proactive approach to sustainability is crucial in a world moving away from disposable culture.


Petaluma Bounty: Ensuring Healthy Food for All

The mission of Petaluma Bounty is “healthy food for everyone through collaboration, education and promoting self-reliance”. We live in a beautiful place here in Sonoma County with endless possibilities for food yet so many are going hungry. Our neighbors shouldn’t have to decide between healthy food and paying rent, yet that’s what is happening. Petaluma Bounty works to provide access to healthy food, educate on nutritious eating, and empower the community to reduce food waste. By supporting Petaluma Bounty, we help ensure that no neighbor has to choose between food and other necessities.


Sonoma Land Trust: Protecting Our Natural Heritage

Sonoma Land Trust holds a special place for us. When we first moved to Sonoma County, we looked for organizations to volunteer with. Sonoma Land Trust was one we consistently volunteered with and enjoyed the open spaces they preserve. Their mission is to “partner with local communities to protect the open, natural, and working lands and waters of Sonoma County to secure healthy and thriving futures for all”. We were able to see places in Sonoma County that aren’t open to the public (yet), clean up spaces that are open to the public, and learn more about the history of this beautiful area we are so fortunate to call home. They do more than just keep open spaces open, they maintain and restore them providing fire resiliency and engage with the community.


Join Us in Making a Difference

All three of these amazing organizations are pillars in this awesome county and all three support the people living here in diverse ways. All three hold a special place for us and what we are trying to achieve with our little, but mighty, business of refilling and reducing waste. We are deeply grateful for your support, which enables us to continue making a positive impact.

Together, we can achieve so much more. Explore these organizations, get involved, and let's make a difference in our community and beyond. Thank you for being a part of our journey and helping us support the causes that matter most.

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