What is a refill store and how do I start?

A refill store is a store with the coolest people that allow customers to bring their own containers and refill them with various products, typically household goods or food items (ours is just home and body products). Refill stores aim to reduce packaging waste by encouraging customers to reuse containers instead of buying new ones. Refill Mercantile offers refillable dish, laundry, all-purpose cleaners, skincare, lotion, body wash, hand soap, shampoo & conditioner and so many more things! Customers can bring their clean empty containers to the store, fill them with the desired product, and pay for the quantity they take, promoting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly shopping experience.

How to start refilling in 4 easy steps!

find a refillery

Find a refillery near you. Check out this link for a handy map of refill stores across the US!⁠ Refill stores are still new and most are super small businesses run by people that want to change everyone's purchasing habits. Collectively, we can make a huge impact!

home audit

Conduct a home audit. Identify frequently recycled items like dish soap containers. Start with those you use most and are easiest to refill. Shifting buying habits can be challenging, so choose a simple win to start.⁠

start refilling

Start refilling! It's as easy as it sounds! Begin with dish or hand soap; those bottles pile up quickly. Let's extend the life of that fantastic plastic squeeze bottle!⁠ The great thing about the refill station is you can try a little at first to see how it works for you. Starting with just 1 or two items to refill makes it easier to shift your purchasing habits.
spread the word
Had a positive experience? Spread the word to friends and family! Imagine the collective impact if everyone refilled dish soap. They'll help you stay committed and avoid picking up more plastic containers.⁠

Now that you've mastered dish soap refills. Now, explore other possibilities—hand soap, laundry soap, or even make your skincare routine more sustainable! So many great options are available!⁠

No matter where you are in your refill journey, we're here to support you!  #ProgressOverPerfection⁠

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