How to Sanitize Your Containers for Refilling

Reuse-Reuse-Reuse! We keep talking about reuse is the best option and we love when you bring in your containers you already have to refill! Why keep buying new containers just to recycle them when they are still perfectly good to use again... and again... and, you get it.

We love being able to offer refills! Not all companies are willing to do this due to potential contamination issues and loss of branding. Since most of our products do not include preservatives, they aren't meant to be placed in contaminated containers.

Contaminants can be as harmless as tap water (water added to products is distilled), dust/dirt, and old product still in there. 

We want to only see clean and dry containers especially for face and body products. If you are refilling with the same product (you purchased the starter bottle and want to refill), it's good to sanitize your bottles twice a year (or more) between refilling to keep your products working the way they should!

Glass is easiest to sanitize but if you're bringing in your plastic dish soap bottle that has been cleaned out and dry for more dish soap, that's great!


  1. Make sure you've used up all of the product and rinse. Clean with hot soapy water or run it through the dishwasher. 
  2. Glass can be sanitized by boiling for 5+ minutes. This is the preferred method for skincare and deodorant cream.
  3. If your bottle is plastic and will be used for skincare or lotions, please rinse/spray with alcohol above 60 proof. 
  4. Let your container dry before bringing in!


  1. If the top can be cleaned off and put in the dishwasher or boiled this is best. If it is a plastic pump, use up the rest of the product and pump hot soapy water through until any remaining product is gone.
  2. Pump 60+ proof alcohol through several times.

Doing all of this helps keep our products in the store clean since we won't be handling dirty containers AND keeps your products better preserved!


Let's all reduce our single-use plastic and refill together!

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